Our mission at Angular Builders is to facilitate the development of large business applications using Angular.

We have created this angular blueprint project to serve as the basis for your next professional developments with Angular.

Read our Inception document to know more about our motivation.


Features Backlog

Every epic feature has a milestone

Every commit has an - Issues like user developer stories

Epic 0 - Trace messages

As a team member I want to have a tracing log So that I can know what happened during program execution.

Epic 1 - Policy Acceptation Dialog

As a first time visitor I want to be informed about cookies So that I can accept them or not.

The project development history

Project 0 - mono-repo

Project 1 - test

Project 2 - change

Project 3 - unidirectional

angular-blueprint is a free product created by Angular Builders


Resources for software architects and teams of programmers who built great applications with Angular.

– By Alberto Basalo